Accelerated Psychology Degree Online

Exploring Accelerated Psychology Degree Online Programs: Your Fast Track to a Rewarding Career

Are you passionate about understanding the human mind and behavior?

Do you want to make a positive impact on people’s lives?

An accelerated psychology degree might be the perfect path for you.

Fast-Track Your Education: The World of Accelerated Psychology Degrees

Accelerated psychology degree programs offer an innovative way to earn your degree in a shorter time frame without compromising the quality of your education. These programs are designed for individuals who are driven, motivated, and ready to dive into their studies. By condensing traditional courses into more intensive schedules, accelerated programs allow you to complete your degree at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

Types of Accelerated Psychology Degree Programs

Whether you’re looking to earn a doctorate, master’s, or bachelor’s degree in psychology, there’s an accelerated program for you. Let’s explore the different options:

  1. Doctorate in Psychology (PhD): Pursuing a PhD in psychology through an accelerated program allows you to delve deeper into your chosen area of specialization. These programs emphasize ethical considerations, research skills, and advanced data analysis. A doctoral degree is essential if you plan to become a licensed psychologist, and it opens doors to careers in clinical practice, academia, and research.
  2. Master’s in Psychology: Accelerated master’s programs in psychology offer a chance to specialize further in specific fields, such as child development, clinical psychology, experimental psychology, and more. Graduates of these programs may provide counseling services, work in human resources or marketing, and contribute to law enforcement efforts.
  3. Bachelor’s in Psychology: Accelerated bachelor’s degree programs in psychology provide a solid foundation in the field and offer a quicker path to becoming a psychology professional. These programs often offer concentrations such as addiction and recovery, clinical counseling, criminal psychology, and more, allowing you to tailor your education to your interests.

Accelerated Psychology Degree Benefits

Choosing an accelerated psychology degree program can offer several advantages:

  • Time Efficiency: Accelerated programs allow you to complete your degree in a shorter time, enabling you to enter the workforce sooner.
  • Focused Learning: Condensed courses focus on key concepts, ensuring you receive a comprehensive education in less time.
  • Flexible Schedule: Many accelerated programs offer flexible schedules, allowing you to balance your studies with work or other commitments.
  • Higher Earning Potential: With a psychology degree, you can explore diverse career paths that offer competitive salaries and opportunities for growth.
  • Career Versatility: A psychology degree opens doors to various sectors, from counseling and therapy to marketing, human resources, and law enforcement.

Career Opportunities with an Accelerated Psychology Degree

Completing an accelerated psychology degree equips you with the skills and knowledge needed for a wide range of rewarding careers.

Some potential job titles and their average annual salaries include:

  • Psychologist: $82,180
  • Social and Community Service Manager: $69,600
  • Human Resources Specialist: $63,490
  • School Counselor: $58,120
  • Case Manager: $55,690
  • Social Worker: $51,760
  • Marriage and Family Therapist: $51,340
  • Substance and Mental Health Social Worker: $48,720
  • Behavioral Disorder Counselor: $47,660
  • Rehabilitation Counselor: $37,530

Accelerating Your Psychology Degree Journey

Achieving an accelerated psychology degree is not just about choosing the right program; it’s about optimizing your learning experience. Here are some strategies to speed up your degree completion:

  1. Transfer College Credits: If you’ve taken previous college courses, you might be able to transfer them and earn credit towards your psychology degree.
  2. Test Out of Courses: Some institutions allow you to earn credits by taking exams for specific subjects. This can save you time and money.
  3. Credit for Work Experience: Certain universities offer credit for relevant work experience or military training, further reducing the number of required courses.
  4. Maximize Course Load: Enroll in an accelerated program and take a higher number of credits per semester. This can significantly shorten your degree timeline.

Why Choose an Online Psychology Degree?

Enrolling in an online psychology degree program offers several benefits:

  • Flexibility: Online programs allow you to complete coursework on your schedule, making it easier to balance education with work and personal life.
  • No Geographical Constraints: You can attend top universities regardless of your location, broadening your options and finding the best fit for your goals.
  • Accelerated Options: Many online programs offer accelerated tracks, enabling you to complete your degree faster than traditional on-campus programs.
  • Diverse Concentrations: Online programs often provide a wide range of concentrations and specialties, allowing you to tailor your education to your interests.

Choosing the Right Online School

Selecting the best online school for your psychology degree is crucial. Consider the following factors:

  • Accreditation: Ensure the school is regionally accredited and its psychology programs are certified by relevant organizations.
  • Curriculum and Concentrations: Review the available concentrations and courses to ensure they align with your career goals.
  • Flexibility: Check if the program offers accelerated classes and the ability to complete coursework at your own pace.
  • Financial Aid: Research financial aid options, including grants, scholarships, and tuition assistance.
  • Reputation: Read reviews and gather information about the school’s reputation and success rates.
  • Accommodations: Confirm that the school provides the necessary resources for online learning, such as tech support and virtual libraries.

Accelerated Psychology Programs Online


Program: BA in Psychology

Time: 12-36 months

Highlights: Can be completed 100% online or as a hybrid program. Students gain understanding of emotions, cognition, behavior, and human development. The Division of Graduate, Online, & Professional Studies at UMass Lowell is one of the largest programs of its kind in New England.


Program: BS+MS in Psychology

Time: 5 years

Highlights: Explores psychology from multiple angles. Students gain a strong foundation in psychology from core classes and have the opportunity to explore their own interests through electives. 100% online program.


Program: BS in Psychology

Time: N/A. (120 credits, transfer up to 90 credits)

Highlights: Prepares students for careers in psychology or further study at the graduate level. Emphasis on practice, research, and theory. Can be taken 100% online or as hybrid classes.


Program: BS in Psychology

Time: Less than 2 years (FT) or less than 3.5 years (PT)

Highlights: Provides a solid foundation in psychology. 100% online program. Offers courses covering biological psychology, social psychology, multicultural psychology, abnormal psychology, and human development.


Program: BS in Psychology

Time: 6 months

Highlights: $1,227 per course (typical 3-credit course) Offers a solid foundation in psychology, covering group behavior, social interactions, human development, learning, and the study of the brain. Transfer-friendly, allowing students to transfer up to 90 credits. Classes start every 8 weeks.


Program: BA in Psychology

Time: 12-28 months

Highlights: Helps students understand human motivations and behavior. Skills learned are in demand in industries such as education, business, and organizational management, human services, and mental health. Cost per credit is $398 with 120 credit hours to earn an accelerated psychology degree online from Franklin.

Franklin University’s undergraduate tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year is $12,338 for students taking 31 credits per year. This tuition rate is approximately 67% less than the national average tuition of $38,070 for private, nonprofit four-year colleges. By comparison, Franklin University offers significant savings with its affordable tuition pricing for full-time online undergraduate students.


Program: B.A. in Psychology, Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC)

Time: 21-36 months

Highlights: Accelerated program completed in 21 to 36 months, depending on the program. Emphasizes research-based practice and offers four tracks: applied psychology, psychology as a science, developmental psychology, and clinical and counseling psychology.


Program: MA in Counseling

Time: 24 months

Highlights: Knowledge of psychology helpful in fields like ministry, counseling, and management. Christian Counseling program that prepares students for social work and ministry roles. Small class sizes for individualized attention. Undergrad per credit tuition is $425. Graduate per credit cost is $575 (except for $600 per MBA credit).


Program: BA in Psychology

Time: N/A (49 major credit hours.

Highlights: Accelerated online psychology degree completed in about four years. Emphasis on intellectual curiosity, health skepticism, psychological treatment, and customization. The total tuition cost for a 120 credit hour bachelor’s degree at Western Governors University is $63,600. However, students with eligible transfer credits (up to 90 credits) pay a reduced total tuition of $15,900.

Most Affordable Accelerated Psychology Programs Online

Fastest Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Programs

  1. University of Maryland Global Campus – $7,344
  2. Franklin University – $9,577
  3. Wilmington University – $11,760
  4. University of Massachusetts Lowell – $15,078
  5. Southern New Hampshire University – $15,380
  6. Maryville University – $27,166
  7. Crown College – $28,110
  8. Notre Dame College – $31,350
  9. Arcadia University – $46,220
  10. Drexel University – $57,136

Fastest Online Graduate Degrees in Psychology

  1. University of Maryland Global Campus: $9,072
  2. Wilmington University: $9,000
  3. Crown College: $10,350
  4. Maryville University: $14,346
  5. University of Massachusetts Lowell: $14,590
  6. Franklin University: $16,080
  7. Southern New Hampshire University: $18,900
  8. Arcadia University: $27,311
  9. Drexel University: $36,234

Accelerate Your Future with an Online Psychology Degree

Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling journey into the world of psychology?

An accelerated psychology degree online program might be the perfect choice for you.

With the opportunity to earn your degree faster and enter the workforce sooner, there’s no better time to explore the exciting possibilities that psychology has to offer.

Whether you’re interested in clinical practice, research, counseling, or other psychology-related fields, an accelerated degree can provide the fast track to achieving your goals.

Start your journey today and unlock the doors to a rewarding career in psychology.